Paella Valenciana:is the flagship of Spain’s gastronomy. It originated several centuries ago in the delta of the Ebro River, in the province of Valencia. In its origins it was a very simple rice dish in which the peasants included what was available each season and it was traditionally eaten directly from the Paella pan. Overtime though, Paella Valenciana has evolved into a very sophisticated and complex dish that successfully mixes meat, seafood and fresh vegetables, resulting in an incredibly homogeneous flavor that defies reason and indulges the palate. This is our specialty and we highly recommend it.

Creole Pasta (Fideua):Fideua is made with the exact same ingredients as Paella, but rice, is substituted by angel hair pasta. Angel hair absorbs even more flavor than rice during the cooking, and thus they are an absolute carnival for your mouth.

Note: Paellas and Fideuas take several steps to cook, and we make them from scratch, so please allow 35 to 40 minutes. Paella for one is cooked and served on an individual Paella Pan. Paellas for two or more are cooked together on a bigger Paella pan.