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Paella Valenciana:is the flagship of Spain’s gastronomy. It originated several centuries ago in the delta of the Ebro River, in the province of Valencia. In its origins it was a very simple rice dish in which the peasants included what was available each season and it was traditionally eaten directly from the Paella pan. Overtime though, Paella Valenciana has evolved into a very sophisticated and complex dish that successfully mixes meat, seafood and fresh vegetables, resulting in an incredibly homogeneous flavor that defies reason and indulges the palate. This is our specialty and we highly recommend it.

Creole Pasta (Fideua):Fideua is made with the exact same ingredients as Paella, but rice, is substituted by angel hair pasta. Angel hair absorbs even more flavor than rice during the cooking, and thus they are an absolute carnival for your mouth.

Note: Paellas and Fideuas take several steps to cook, and we make them from scratch, so please allow 35 to 40 minutes.     Paella for one is cooked and served on an individual Paella Pan. Paellas for two or more are cooked together on a bigger Paella pan.

Rack of lamb: Supper tender New Zealand lamb chops dry rubbed with shepherd’s herbs and pan seared to perfection, served with grilled asparagus and fresh Spanish fries.

Rib eye steak: 16oz Black Angus Beef , pan seared under high heat and pressure

Spanish style served with Spanish fries. (This steak rivals any rib eye in the city)

Garlic Shrimp Pasta: Gulf shrimp Sautéed in Roasted-Garlic olive oil, plus house spices and tossed with thin linguine and topped with parmesan cheese.

Chef’s Shrimp Pasta: Gulf shrimp sautéed in homemade Mediterranean red sauce, tossed with thin linguine and topped with parmesan cheese.


Fabada:            White bean soup with andouille, pork and greens. Very hearty mountain soup.

Garlic Soup:            Chicken broth infused with roasted garlic and egg drop. (Grandma’s Cold remedy)

Lentil Soup:            Vegetarian lentil soup with fine diced veggies and ginger root


Calamari:             Tender Calamari steak dry rubbed with house spices and grilled to perfection.

Chicken:            Dark meat sautéed in olive oil / garlic / house spices and flamed with Spanish sherry

Chorizo:               There are two types of chorizo and both are made with smoked paprika.

First chorizo in sherry which is a fully cooked Spanish chorizo made in small links (similar to our andouille) and second the chorizo for cold tapas which is dry cured and looks like pepperoni. But much tastier and less fatty.

Ceviche:            We make it fresh everyday and it is made with Black Drum and gulf Shrimp.

Serrano Ham:            Dry cured pork hind leg thinly sliced. (Similar to Italian Prosciutto.)

Manchego Cheese:   Sheep’s milk cheese from the region of La Mancha (superbly flavorful)

Gouda:            Intense Dutch cheese. It melts easily and complements almost anything.

Havarti:            Danish cheese, milder with a delightful creaminess

Avocado:  Half a ripe Haas avocado on a bed of romaine lettuce and filled with Shrimp,  and folded with Olives, Capers, Celery and topped with Tomato all-i-oli sauce. (Super  fresh and healthy choice)

Tomato Mozzarella: This is my own spin on a classic Capresse salad. This is our freshest tapa.

Tortilla Española:   Classic Spanish omelet made with caramelized onions and par-fried  potatoes.

Brussels’ Sprouts:   Sautéed with house spices and Pancetta, finished in a garlic and sherry wine  sauce With or without Havarti cheese.

Brussels” Sprouts Vegetal: Sautéed with house spices and finely chopped olive salad, finished in a garlic and sherry wine  sauce With or without Havarti cheese.

Patatas Bravas / All-i-oli :   (Bravas is the Tapa we sell the most.) Parboiled Potatoes, randomly cut  and deep fried twice to get a crisp exterior and a soft interior drizzled with Catalan Brava sauce (a little hot)   Or   all-i-oli sauce (Mild)

Roasted Piquillo:  Spanish sweet peppers marinated three times to achieve very complex and distinct flavors, served on toast points.

Canoes: Spanish classic also called “Montaditos” which means “on top off” They are a cross section of French bread, cut thin, toasted dry and rehydrated with all-i-oli  sauce, then, topped with the different ingredients listed on the menu.. They are big enough for two people to have a bite each.